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Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet with Aptoide



It is one of the procedures, perhaps the simplest that has been tested so far with positive results, although I must say that it might not be effective for all Android tablets, but worth a try to see if you are lucky.

Install GO Contacts to have contacts in the tablet

The first thing you will do is download and install GO Contacts on the tablet so that after you install WhatsApp on Android tablet, the contacts you have in the smartphone appear. Some tablets bring it installed by default, but most do not.
It can happen that the application is not compatible with your tablet. In that case you download Backup & Restore App on your Android phone, open it, look for GO Contacts between applications installed and select it after you send it to your mail, (the ‘Send’ option is on the right of the pop-up menu and interface. This message will open from the tablet and download it and install GO Contacts.


descargar aptoide

Download Aptoide on Android Tablet

Then you need to install on your Android tablet an application called Aptoide, a free application. These are apps that are obtained from secondary sources such as other users who have purchased and subsequently share online.

To download Aptoide, go to Google and search for it directly. It's good to know that it is no longer in Google Play. Before finishing the download, it will give you the option to select the repositories you want to install; if you are not familiar with it, select the official repository. The repositories are catalogs of applications. The application is saved in the Download folder in the file manager you have installed.

Download Free WhatsApp

Once you have installed Aptoide, you have two options. The first is to look WhatsApp with the search application located at the top right of the interface with the magnifying glass icon. The second is to check the list of Featured Applications that appear below the Editors Choice which is the first thing you see in Aptoide. Being such a widespread app, WhatsApp usually appears first being prominent.

Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet

To succeed with this method you must download WhatsApp from Aptoide and not from Google Play; you must download it directly to the web application and it must be from Aptoide.

Now is the time click on install WhatsApp. Once installed, click Open. In the verification message, you click OK and you receive a message saying that it currently cannot be used in tablets. However, a keypad that will allow you to target the phone number if you press OK. Again, this will not happen if you download WhatsApp on Google Play or on from another website.

Mobile Number to Install WhatsApp on Tablet

At this point, you know that you need a cell phone number to install WhatsApp on our Android tablet. This number should not be the defected resulting with a previous installation of the application on another device, be it a cellular or other tablet.

If you enter a phone number you already use on another computer, the process will not succeed and you cannot install WhatsApp on your tablet.

Enter the Phone Number in Tablet

That said, it's time to enter the number and press OK and you immediately receive your activation code via SMS on cell. Normally there are 6 digits, separated by a hyphen in two groups of 3 digits each. It is time to enter the activation code on tablet.


descargar aptoide

Configure WhatsApp User

After entering the activation code, the option to write your username and upload profile picture on WhatsApp if all went well will appear. If you are a new user, the contacts will not appear, so you can begin to ‘invite’ friends. If you have already used this messaging application, you can start chatting with your contacts. You can download Aptoide at Descargar Aptoide.

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